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office reopening's

We appreciate that many businesses are currently working from home. At some point, some, or maybe all your staff will be returning to the office environment. It is extremely difficult to plan for this given such uncertainty around Vaccines and how normality will be restored.

there are so many questions

How many of our staff will be returning at the same time?
Will we open our catering for them? Taking into account catering staff will increase our head count on site.
Will the limited numbers returning at first justify reopening catering?
Will we need staggered breaks resulting in opening our catering for longer hours with additional cost?
Do we want our staff having to leave site to get their meals? This will mean increasing their contacts.
Will staff work in shifts in order to limit contacts? If they do, how will we feed them at different times?
The questions are endless, but we believe we have the answer...

the crave store is for you

The Crave Store is perfect for you, it just makes sense.

Why not start now with a small Crave Store. It does not need to operate immediately, and it can also become bigger by extending it when you need to. It’s flexible like that. The point is you will have a solution ready for when you and your staff are ready to return to work safely. There are so many things to prepare and arrange for when you return to work so why not tick one off the list now and get your Crave Store.

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