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“The Crave Store Is a 100% Irish Owned Business."

In today’s Covid environment, catering may not be practical given fluctuating numbers of staff on site and the requirement for additional numbers to run a Catering facility. This provides a serious challenge for businesses trying to find a solution for how they provide meals & snacks for their staff. Workplaces are becoming more adaptable in how they work, whether that is a change of working hours or fluctuating numbers on site each day. A Crave Store at your workplace is a sensible and affordable solution.

On opening and operating one of Ireland's first Unattended Workplace Retail Outlet, we recognised a requirement for workplaces to provide their staff with food, not just in the traditional 8am to 3pm canteen. More and more workplaces now work outside of standard working hours. Staff have a requirement for food and snacks on demand and around the clock. We meet that demand because we never close. That applied to businesses before Covid disrupted our lives. There are now additional challenges in providing a safe working environment for breaks. The Crave Store was built for providing this solution on demand.

We urge you to not just believe what we say. Speak to our existing clients and get their first-hand feedback about how great it is to have a Crave Store on site. It makes sense.

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